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Emergency Panning Committee

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Information about Emergency Panning Committee

Administrative support for this committee is provided by Hartlepool Borough Council. Meeting papers can be found here.




To exercise the duties and functions of the four Unitary Authorities in relation to the following matters:-


To recommend for approval to each individual Borough the annual budget required by the Emergency Planning Unit to fulfil its duties and responsibilities on behalf of the four Districts, and the basis of disaggregation to be met by the constituent authorities;


To submit the annual bid for grant to the Home Office on behalf of the four Boroughs;


To oversee the performance and effectiveness of the Emergency Planning Unit, and its value to the Districts;


To draw to the attention of each of the constituent authorities best practice in the field of emergency planning, and the impact of new legislation and regulations;


To undertake the appointment procedures in relation to the post of Chief Emergency Planning Officer;


To set and review the staffing establishment of the Emergency Planning Unit in accordance with the budget provision approved by the four constituent authorities;


To be responsible for, and keep under review, the accommodation and provision of equipment/ facilities in the Unit;


To approve the annual work programme of the Unit, and receive a report thereon at each year end;


To determine, as considered appropriate, attendance at the annual Conference of the Emergency Planning Society subject to budget provision; and,


To approve the holding of Member Seminars in relation to emergency planning responsibilities and activities.