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Cleveland Fire Authority

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Information about Cleveland Fire Authority

Administrative support for this committee is provided by the Cleveland Fire Authority. Meeting papers can be found here.




To set the strategic direction of the Authority through in depth consideration and approval of a Community Plan.


To ensure the views of the community, partners and constituent councils are taken into account and that they are kept fully informed of Fire Authority plans.


To support and promote the creation of appropriate partnership arrangements.


To consider and keep under review the Authority’s register of corporate risks.


Consult on, and set the CFA revenue and capital budgets.


To ensure that the Cleveland Fire Authority establishes and maintains an effective role in the Regional Management Board and any other appropriate regional initiatives that confer benefit on the Cleveland community.


To appoint the statutory and other officers of the Fire Authority.


To take all necessary steps (including the adoption of policies, schemes or plans and the publication of documents and notices) to comply with the statutory duties of the Fire Authority.


To keep under review the corporate identity of the Fire Authority, and its relations with the media.


To ensure effective liaison arrangements with trade unions are established and maintained.


To review annually the Authority’s governance arrangements, to ensure their continued effectiveness.


To agree Member attendance at external events.


To establish appropriate Member forums relating to the opening of tenders, Member standards and staff appeals.


To make arrangements for making urgent decisions where it is not practicable to hold a full meeting of the CFA.


To receive reports from the Executive Committee when powers of the CFA have been used in urgent matters where it was not practicable to call a meeting of the Fire Authority.


To consider and make decisions on reports from the Policy, Executive, Performance Scrutiny, Service Delivery Scrutiny Committees and Safer Partnership Briefing Meetings.


To receive minutes of Policy, Executive, Standards, Appeals and Tender Committees.


To consider and review the need for changes in the structure and remit of committees and scrutiny groups.


To receive reports from the Audit Commission.


To receive the reports of the Chief Fire Officer and Executive Director including the Executive Directors Information Pack containing items of interest for Members.


To receive the Service Delivery Scrutiny Forward Work Programme.


To partake where possible an active role in the pursuit of shared priorities in the planning of Local Area Agreements.


To receive reports on Civil Contingencies Act compliance.


To receive consultation documents both nationally and regionally.


To receive the Statement of Internal Control (SIC)